2021 IEEE International Conference of Optical Imaging and Measurement (IEEE ICOIM 2021)
Prof. Yiting Yu

Prof. Yiting Yu

Presentation title:

Planar super-oscillation lenses (SOLs): practical considerations and applications


Lenses play an extremely important role for imaging systems. The resolving power of traditional refraction-based lenses is limited by the diffraction effect, as well as the chromatism problem and the intrinsic contradictions between the resolution and FOV, focal length and DOF. Recently, metalenses attract world-wide attention by both the academic and industry community, due to their advantages of small volume, little weight, and easy customization. As for the chromatism problem and optical efficiency, inspiring progresses have also been made. However, other problems as mentioned above are still existing. In our group, during the past few years, planar lenses utilizing the super-oscillation theory are concerned, especially considering the practical properties such as well control of light field, optical efficiency, and fabrication cost. The systematic study on the optimization method, fabrication processes, and novel applications has been performed.

Short Biography:

Yiting Yu, Professor and PhD supervisor of the College of Mechatronics, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), is now also the Responsibility Professor for the Smart Sensing Chips Innovation Center of Ningbo Research Institute of NPU. He won the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars in 2016, and Humboldt Post-doc Researchers in 2010. He is the council member of the Chinese Societies of Optical Engineering, Micro- and Nanotechnologies, and Mechanical Engineering. His research interest focuses on the optical imaging and sensing by utilizing the micro- and nanotechnologies.