2021 IEEE International Conference of Optical Imaging and Measurement (IEEE ICOIM 2021)
Prof. Tao Li

Prof. Tao Li

Presentation title:

Light manipulation and integrated imaging based on metasurfaces

Abstract: Metasurface is a kind of structure based on subwavelength unit cell for local light field manipulation. It has high flexibility, multi-functional, ultrathin and ultralight features, and arrested tremendous research interest. Up to date, people have developed multiple manipulation method based on resonance, geometric phase, and propagation phase. It has demonstrated the functionalities and applications in polarization control, beam shaping, hologram and metalens imaging. However, most of these reported results are adopting the metalens as the replace of its conventional optical elements without changing the optical system. As results, the advantages of ultrathin and ultralight of metalens have not been sufficiently presented. This talk will firstly show a new design based on a chiral meta-atom, which offer a new parametric space for modulation and optimization of metasurface performances [1,2]. Afterwards, we utilize the ultrathin and polarization multiplexing feature of metalens, developed a microscopic imaging technique with wide field and high resolution based on a well-designed metalens array. It breaks the space-bandwidth product constraint of conventional microscope, and achieved micro resolution and millimeter (even centimeter) scale FOV [3]. Moreover, the device has a small coin-size, which indicates more possibility for future portable applications.

Key words: metasurface, light manipulation, integrate imaging, wide-field microscopy


1.        Chen Chen, et al., Nano Letters 2021, 21, 1815.

2.        Chen Chen, et al., Advanced Photonics Research 2021, 2, 2000154.

3.        Beibei Xu, et al., Advanced Photonics 2020, 2, 066004.


Brief Bio:

Tao LI, Professor in Nanjing University (NJU), received his PhD degree at NJU in 2005, joined College of Engineering and Applied Sciences in 2008, and was promoted to full professor in 2013. He worked as a visiting scholar in Nanyang Technology University, Singapore, in 2012, and Hong Kong Baptist University under the support of “K.C. Wong Education Foundation” scholarship in 2013. He won "Dengfeng Talent Program B" from NJU (2012), "National Funds for Outstanding Young Scientists" (2013), and "Young and middle-aged leading scientists" from MOST (2018). His research includes metamaterials, plasmonics, nanophotonics. Till now, he has published >100 SCI papers (including Nature, Nature Nano., Nature Commun., PRL, LSA, Nano Lett., etc.) with citation over 4000 and a recent H index of 32, presented >50 invited talks in international conferences and seminars. He is currently working as the Topical Editor of Chinese Optical Letters, Executive Board Member of Science Bulletin, and Editorial Committee of Frontier of Optoelectronics.