2021 IEEE International Conference of Optical Imaging and Measurement (IEEE ICOIM 2021)
Dr. Ping Yang

Dr. Ping Yang

Presentation title:

Image restoration techniques and applications based on scattering suppression


Scattering effects seriously affect the imaging quality of computer vision systems. The typical cases include image degradation, contrast reduction, and inconspicuous details due to hazy weather. These problems can seriously impair the performance of some image and video information-based tasks, such as road surveillance, fire search and rescue, etc. In addition, underwater imaging also faces wavelength-selective scattering and non-uniform scattering of ambient imaging light by particles such as underwater plankton. This causes problems such as blurring and even color bias of underwater images. The problem is a major obstacle to the development of underwater image vision technology. In this report, we establish an optical scattering imaging model for atmosphere and underwater and analyze its degradation effects and laws. Based on the fusion of multiple image enhancement and recovery algorithms and deep learning methods, image recovery algorithms for atmospheric and underwater scattering effect suppression are proposed, respectively. The imaging quality in hazy weather can be significantly improved, and the color bias and scattering blur of underwater imaging can be suppressed. And at the end, we outline the application of the proposed algorithms in practical scenarios such as natural gas pipeline inspection and marine pasture monitoring.

Short Biography:

Dr. Ping Yang is the chairman of Information, Control and Computer Degree Committee, Institute of Optics and Electronics, member of International Society for Optical Engineering, winner of the national outstanding youth scientist fund, Outstanding Youth Leader on Academic Technologies in Sichuan Province, Chief of the Cross-Innovation Team of Western Light of Chinese Academy of Sciences, President of Chengdu Chapter of CAS Youth Promotion Association.

He has been engaging in the research of adaptive optics, optical field signal acquisition and processing, intelligent control, laser beam purification, etc. He is experienced in the development of engineering projects and technology research.


Personal homepage: http://www.ioe.ac.cn/rcdw/yjy/yjy8/